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This is the website of Charles West based near Laughlin, Nevada. His friends call him Chuck. He sounds like Neil Young and Bob Dylan mostly but is capable of almost any style. His influences are almost any music from the sixties to modern; essentially his whole life.

Chuck has played music since he was a baby, started classical music training in fourth grade and switched to popular guitar music in ninth grade. He is a multi-instrumentalist and can play most pop music instruments.

He played in school bands, high-school rock bands, collage country/blues groups, was an important part part of the Seattle music scene in the 90’s, performed almost nightly for decades and now tours mostly in the South West and along the Pacific Coast.

Chuck has appeared on countless recordings,  performed thousands of times since childhood and is beginning to focus on venues in Laughlin and Las Vegas, Nevada. He also travels world wide if need be.

Please call him at 360-292-7777 and leave a message or send email to for booking.

-Paula Carlton: Southwest U.S. B.S.

Pigs On The Wing

One Meatball

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

King Of The Road

Early In The Morning

Call Me The Breeze

A Pirate Looks At Forty

All Along The Watchtower

You Can’t Always Get What You Want