I am a wandering minstrel. A modern version of a classic character dating back to antiquity and a frequent feature in many ensembles. I wander the land, making music for money. Generally carrying a guitar, a harmonica and always with a song in my heart.


Being not currently retained by royalty and high society, I am open to offers. In addition to being a whimsical solo act I can host open-mic events in all types of venues and get the crowd involved for a night everyone will remember.  Leave a message at 360-292-7777 to book an evening.


Will be at most if not all the events on the Lake Havasu Event Calender through at least Spring. Might have to have to hoof it up North for a few months to visit friends and family if they will have me. Wandering Minstrel is a tough gig but I like it. I’d never be any kind of royalty any other way. Likely be at a lot of these Other Events too but for sure the downtown ones.


Look for a middle-age goofball with a big 12-string guitar. Probably a hat out too so as not to confuse people…


Hope I see you soon,


Chuck West




“A wand’ring minstrel I, a thing of shreds and patches, of ballads, songs and snatches, and dreamy lullaby!” Nanki-Poo